BURLESON (CBS 11 NEWS) – The auditorium where the memorial service for Brian Jennings was held holds a thousand people. Still, many mourners had to watch the service on in-house monitors in overflow rooms because they could not find a seat in the auditorium.

Jennings was a well-liked youth pastor who was killed along with three other people when he stopped to aid a stranded motorist. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

“My dad’s death is the shadow that will never leave me,” Abby Jennings told the crowd at the service. “And I will walk with God to make it through this. I will let him be my comfort.”

There were friends and fellow church members from Alsbury Baptist Church at the service. Jennings — called BJ by people who knew him — was remembered as a family man, a devout christian and a youth minister who profoundly impacted children in his ministry. A friend remembered the time Jennings was at his side after he took a nasty fall while hiking.

“I don’t know how long I was half out of it, unconscious,” Tim Williams recalled. “But I do know that right there in BJ’s lap, I surrendered my life to God.”

At one point during the service a pastor asked what Brian Jennings’ legacy would be. Jennings’ daughter answered him moments later.

“My dad always told me to never be bitter,” Abby Jennings said while fighting back tears. “This world has thrown things at me and my family that could have made us bitter. But my long talks with my dad never let me be that way. He always told me I have a beautiful and caring heart. And told me never wanted to see it turn bad. And I won’t let it. I’m going to live to make my daddy proud.”

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