JOSHUA (CBS 11 NEWS) – Guns, ammunition, and several law enforcement badges are among the items found in the home of a man accused of killing Hood County Sheriff’s Deputy, Sgt. Lance McLean, and wounding a Granbury police officer.

Ricky McCommas was shot and killed Friday in downtown Granbury.  Investigators say he was trying to confront a young girl who had accused him of sexual assault.

Right after the shootings investigators swarmed McCommas’ home and — according to a search warrant – they recovered 24 weapons including pistols, rifles, and a shotgun, a homemade silencer, 10-20,000 rounds of live ammunition, badges for an Alvarado Police dispatcher, a Johnson County dispatcher and an emergency services coordinator, prescription medications, and computers.

Witness Tina Brown says she thought McCommas was a member of law enforcement because of the way he was dressed.

“It appeared to us that he had something around his waist,” she said. “He had khakis on like a deputy.  That was our first thought that he was a deputy.”

After learning about what was recovered at his home, many witnesses say it’s scary to think about the “What ifs?”

“You don’t know what he had planned that day and had he been successful that day what else would he have done that many rounds of ammunition and that many guns,” said Trish Wilson.

Charlie Wilkerson, who came face to face with McCommas, describes the incident as “surreal.”

“As soon as I seen him pull a rifle and cops pull behind him, I knew something bad was fixing to happen,” said Wilkerson.

CBS 11 has been told there are no records of McCommas being a dispatcher anywhere.  Investigators believe the weapons were legally possessed, even though McCommas was not a licensed gun dealer.

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