SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – The FBI and Texas Rangers are working with police in Saginaw to solve a disturbing discovery near the corner of Cindy Lane and Round Rock Drive. Children in the residential Tarrant County neighborhood found the body of a dead little girl underneath a tarp on Monday evening.

The girl’s identity has not yet been confirmed by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner, but neighbors have already set up a curbside memorial in her honor.

Wesley Whiddon was one of the two teens who made the startling discovery. He and a cousin were riding scooters through the neighborhood when they saw a pile in the road. They thought it was just trash, and Whiddon went to find his parents. That is when they realized what was really under that pile. “I was panicking. I was freaked out,” said Katie Whiddon, the teen’s mother. “How can somebody hurt a little girl?”

Police initially said that no kids had been reported missing in the area, but that later changed. Parents reported a child missing after the body had been found.

But there is a lead in this case. Authorities are searching for a red truck with some green paint splattered on the rear passenger side, about the size of a softball. The make and model of that red truck are not known. Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Saginaw Police Department immediately.

“This situation is very disturbing and it’s very sad,” added Officer Damon Ing with the Saginaw Police Department, “and our department is doing everything in its power to find the person that’s responsible and bring them to justice.”

Anyone with any information in regard to this tragic incident is urged to contact the following tip lines: 682.888.3682 or 682.888.3684.

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