By CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff Jamison and Megan McClellanBy Jeff Jamison

July started off a little bit cooler than normal, but this week we have a chance of getting above 100° again.

Currently, we have a high pressure system to our west that is bringing warm temperatures and dry weather.


As we move into the later part of this week, the high will move over North Texas and bring hot and humid weather.  Highs for this week will be in the upper 90s to over 100 degrees.




NTX Tomorrows Highs

As temperatures continue to increase and rain chances decrease, our drought will continue to worsen.  As of July 2nd, the state of Texas had 87% in drought.  That is a 3% increase from last week, and a 14% increase from this time last year.  The top two categories of the drought are D3 – Extreme Drought and D4 – Exceptional Drought.  33% of Texas falls in these two categories.  That is a 3% increase from last week and a 26% increase from this time last year.


D4 – Exceptional Drought is not a good thing.  This means those areas have “Exceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses; shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells creating water emergencies” (Courtesy of the US Drought Monitor).  The difference between D4 and D3 is how much rain it would take to get back to normal.  Most of North Texas falls in both short term and long term drought effects.  Short term drought effects will typically be less than 6 months and affect agriculture and grasslands.  Long term is typically be more than 6 months and affect the hydrology and ecology of the area.


The Atlantic Basin has its third tropical storm of the season. Tropical Storm Chantal currently has winds of 45 mph and is moving West-Northwest at 26 mph.

Tropical Tracker Scene Master

Early tomorrow afternoon Chantal should make its first landfall and reach the Dominican Republic by Wednesday afternoon. Winds will continue to increase as the storm moves over warm water.

Tropical Tracker Scene Master1




This week temperatures will be right around 100 and will even break 100 on Wednesday.  Temperatures will be above average with winds out of the south bringing hot and humid weather to our area.  With warm temperatures and warm winds, make sure you stay hydrated and keep yourself protected.  Wear sunscreen and try to spend time inside where it is cool.  If you must be outside for extended periods of time, go inside every couple of hours to cool off and allow your body to recharge.

Sunday and Monday there is a chance of a few more clouds allowing temperatures to decrease just a few degrees.