DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – By taking one look at the buildings of the Bishop Arts District, you know it is rich with history. But these iconic buildings are also rich with entertainment.

Edwin Cabaniss, owner of The Kessler Theater said the theater broke ground in 1941. It had a great start and it was one of the last art deco buildings in the area.

The Kessler Theater was once home to greats like Gene Autry and Stevie Ray Von. “In 1945 after the war was starting to wind down, Gene Autry got out of the war and he came back and this was his place,” Cabaniss said.

Cabaniss purchased the theater in 2010. “As you drive through the outside and you see that wonderful profile of the art deco big facade, it was really like the sirens calling me in.”

After a lot of restoration, the Kessler was resurrected as a live music venue boasting bands like Los Lonely Boys. “On a national level we are starting to get a reputation as being one of the preeminent rooms in the U.S.,” Cabaniss said.

For movie lovers, head to the historic Texas Theatre. And if festivals are more your style, the Bishop Arts District has got you covered.

According to Amy Cowan, board member of the nonprofit organization ‘Go Oak Cliff’, they do four big events a year all around Oak Cliff to bring outsiders and locals together. “It really builds a sense of teamwork and community pride not just for our neighbors but for people who are coming over to see just what’s so special about Oak Cliff.”

This weekend, be sure to check into the French Independence Celebration, known as the Bastille Festival.

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