SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – Despite their run-ins with the troubled teenager, the mother of murdered Saginaw 6-year-old Alanna Gallagher said, “You don’t think you have a monster developing on your street.”

The three Gallagher parents spoke out Wednesday for the first time since the arrest of their neighbor, 17-year-old Tyler Holder.

Karl Gallagher, Alanna’s father, said last year that Holder slashed the tires on their vehicles and egged their cars. The father of Alanna said, at the time, he didn’t think much of it. “I wonder if that was an opportunity if we could have changed things so this wouldn’t have happened. But, at the time, it was just an obnoxious teen that I didn’t want to deal with,” he said.

The Gallaghers, speaking from the porch of their Saginaw home, said that they want to thank the police officers working on the case, especially Arlington Police Detective Charles Lodatto. According to court records, Holder shot Lodatto in the upper leg when the officer, along with two other officers, went to Holder’s door to serve an arrest warrant.

Laura Gallagher, the mother of Alanna, said that when she heard what Lodatto did she went and donated blood. The grieving mother made a plea for others to do the same and give blood.

The Gallaghers said that they hope people will now realize that they were not responsible for their daughter’s death.

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