The health care profession has become a highly competitive field. With people living longer and populations growing, more people are needed to provide health care services. Kathy Chaney, manager of the In-Patient Lactation Department at Baylor University Medical Center, says that nurses in Dallas have certain advantages that other cities do not offer.

Department Manager Kathy Chaney (photo courtesy of Kathy Chaney)

Department Manager Kathy Chaney (photo courtesy of Kathy Chaney)

What is your position and where do you work?

“I work at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. I am the manager of the In-Patient Lactation Department. I currently hold a master’s in nursing, advanced nursing leadership, and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Both degrees were completed at Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing. Baylor University Medical Center is an accredited Magnet Designated Facility, which promotes nurse excellence through higher education; therefore while it is not required for my position to have a master’s degree, it is strongly encouraged.”

What do you think makes working as a health care professional in Dallas unique?

“The Dallas Metroplex’s medical community offers multiple avenues for nurses to pursue. Specialty internships offer graduate or experienced nurses the opportunity to expand or enhance their nursing knowledge through specialization, such as cardiac, intensive care, labor and delivery or Neonatal Intensive Care Units, to name a few. Nurses can work varied shifts to meet their home life needs. The choices are virtually unlimited.

“Experienced nurses in the Dallas Metroplex also have an advantage over other cities with the number of advanced nursing degree programs that are offered in the area. Multiple schools offer advanced nursing or doctorate of nursing degrees. Whether a nurse wants to become a practitioner, midwife or health care administrator, universities are available to make these dreams a reality. An added bonus is that hospitals usually offer tuition reimbursement to help nurses to achieve their goals.”

Do you have any advice for people interested in pursuing a similar career?

“My advice for nurses seeking employment in the Dallas area is that it is a highly competitive market, especially for the Baylor Healthcare System jobs. Baylor is known throughout the country as being one of the best hospital systems in the nation and its employees are knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. Be prepared to discuss evidence-based practice, quality outcomes and enthusiasm about unit-based decision-making. Standards and expectations of nursing staff are high in order to hire the professional nurse who will be caring for the most valuable assets we have, our patients.”

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