By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

Here in North Texas we are caught between two upper level features that will keep the weather pretty much exactly the same for the next 7 days.

There is a big ridge of high pressure centered just to our north over Kansas.  This will stay rather stagnant thru the rest of the week and bring a heat wave to much of the Plains and Midwest.  To the south of the high is the easterly flow.  This is bringing moisture into Central and South Texas.

TX SatRad Master11a2

That moisture just to our south will lead to isolated showers/storms the next several days.

TX SatRad Master11a

But since we are too close to the high pressure system, there is too much sinking air to allow rain to bubble up over North Texas.

TX SatRad Master11a1

The only exception to this will be for areas generally south of the I-20 Corridor.  That’s where we may see a very isolated shower or storm each afternoon the next few days into the weekend.


NTX Rain Chances11 NTX Rain Chances111 NTX Rain Chances1111


Highs will be in the upper 90s the next several days too.  as we remain in this stagnant pattern.