By Jeff Ray

We had a few thunderstorms pop up yesterday afternoon and early evening. This is how the radar looked at 6:00pm Thursday, everything east of the metroplex:

KTVT Street Level1

These isolated thunderstorms reached into the stratosphere and made for a dramatic view from the metro area looking east. This picture was sent in by Greg Gleisner of Lewisville:


We expect more of the same today. More isn’t the right word however, these storms will again be very isolated in nature. The chance is about 10% coverage for the metro area, 20% chance for our eastern third into the southeast.

NTX Rain Chances111

Highs today will again reach into the upper 90’s, humidity will again be just a little higher than the day before:

NTX Garry Today Forecast

Rain chances around here get a boost from a tropical wave slowly moving west across the Gulf of Mexico. There is very little chance it will develop into a tropical storm but it will pump up rain chances for a drought stricken Texas.

KTVT Street Level

Almost all of this rainfall for Texas will fall from Houston to the south. But tomorrow we’ll increase our storm chances around here thanks to this system:

TX FutureCast

This morning the forecast models are starting to slow down this system. It could end up affecting us more on Sunday than Saturday. Either way, the rain chances are staying rather small:

NTX Rain Chances111

NTX Rain Chances1111

NTX Rain Chances11

Otherwise, its typical August weather for the last summer weekend for most north Texas school children. We’ll have daytime highs slip into the upper 90’s with dewpoints in the mid-60’s. This translates to a heat index around 100°. This hot weather will continue into next week and the start of school: