By Jeff Ray

Triple-digit highs have returned to north Texas; the DFW airport had a 10-day run without hitting one until Friday. We expect another one today, the 22nd time that’s happened this summer. There are more to come. School starts for most this week but there is no hint of Fall in the air


The hope was that all this rain down in the Gulf would at least skirt our area enough to provide some clouds and pick up the rain chances.

KTVT Street Level

The moisture will get close enough to ramp up the storm chances for our southern tier centered on Waco. It’ll be a rather meager chance of rain for the metro area and north to the Red River:

NTX Rain Chances1111

For the coastal areas this tropical disturbance is going to provide a deluge of rain:

US FutureCast1

But as is typical of the summer months a large dome of high pressure is dominating the center section of the United States. This is steering the tropical moisture into the Hill Country (Austin) and south Texas while opening up the western basin to a summer monsoonal flow:

Heat Wave Central Plains

We are watching the forecast models take the dome of high pressure off to the west as the week goes on. This could help us out around Labor Day and beyond by bringing us some slightly cooler weather at least.

Heat Wave Central Plains2

But the first week of school looks to be very hot. Tomorrow morning dress the kids for the heat:


You’ve likely seen in the news the fire in Yosemite National Park. Up until a few weeks ago the fire season had been relatively moderate. Here in the last two weeks it has really picked up in intensity. The year-to-date numbers show this season is still pacing below the 10-year average and much below the near record fire year of 2012: