DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – You may know Kevin Page as the Character Bum on the TV series Dallas or from his role on the PBS show Wishbone, but did you know he’s also an artist? He creates masterpieces by combining 21st century technology with a 19th century painting technique called pointillism.

Pointillism is placing small dots of color on a canvas forming a pattern that creates an image. Most artists don’t use this technique due to the physically damaging effects to the body. But Kevin was approached by a scientist with a PHD in electrical engineering who created a system for isolating the physically crippling aspects of pointillism by using a robot.

Kevin shared how it works. “The robot does all the paint placement and the artist does all the paint mixing and all the decisions about the composition.”

The pain of the process goes away but not the creativity. Kevin is able to make painting 100 faster than by hand and is the only artist in the world creating monumentally scaled works of pointillism.

His gallery is filled with his work, but the most dear to him is his first. “It’s the Mona Lisa, I did a version of the it close up. Many artists will wait their entire career to paint their masterpiece, I just decided to start with mine.”

The Kevin Page Gallery officially opens on September 21st in the Valley View Mall.

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