NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – You’ve heard of sleep walking? Try sleep texting. No joke — experts say they’re seeing more and more people complaining about it.

Laura Hogya has experienced the phenomenon . Says Hogya, “I wake up exhausted the next day and I don’t know if it’s from tossing and turning or answering a text message.”

Friends and family can get texts in the middle of the night that Hogya has no recollection of sending. But it’s not family and friends Hogya is worried about. She’s afraid she’ll send a text to a boss or client. But that may be the least of her worries.

Sleep experts say sleep texters are not getting a good night sleep. “They’re not getting the deep sleep or the rapid eye movement sleep which is really critical to higher brain function,” explained Dr. Josh Weber, with the eOs Sleep Center.

Part of the problem may be the light. Cell phones emit a blue light which tells the body it’s time to be awake. So if you’re tip tapping at all hours, good luck getting to bed in the first place. Says Dr. Weber, “The light is also disturbing your ability to go to sleep  because its sending a signal to your brain that you still want to be awake.” And then, once you do fall asleep, if you have you’re cell phone handy, you could be opening yourself up to trouble.

The solution is a simple and obvious one. Ban cellphones from the bedroom. But that’s not all. Dr. William David Brown of the Children’s Medical Center Dallas recommends, “Try to decrease your utilization of these in the late evening hours.”

There may also be evidence that sleep deprivation and stress could contribute to sleep problems like texting in your sleep.

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