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FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Halloween is traditionally the time of year people like telling ghost stories and getting a good scare. But some people have new ghost stories and new scares every day. All they have to do is show up for work in Fort Worth’s historic stockyards.

Most people wanting a scarey night in the stockyards would start here at Cowtown Winery where the ghost tours originate. But little do they know, wine isn’t the only spirit in the winery.

“A few times the radio would turn on…and i hadn’t been listening to it.” says former Winery manager Ashley Smith.

Winemaker Samantha Park has no doubt that the business is haunted. “No doubt in my mind.” she said. “Almost every single morning my coffee would get knocked over.”

Exterior of Cowtown Winery (Photo CBS 11 News)

Exterior of Cowtown Winery (Photo CBS 11 News)

Local ghost hunters keep sensing something is nearby, but it seems elusive.

Ghost hunter Allison thinks its the ghost of a young boy. “It almost feels like he’s saying come here. Like he wants to show us something,” as she follows the ‘feeling’ to a closet under the stairs.

Employees call this ‘the scary closet’.  They try to avoid it. “I get the feeling like he was here a lot in life – maybe hiding from abuse.” says Allison of the closet.

And just across the street, nestled between saloons, most people never notice Molly’s Hotel.

The layout with the sitting-room surrounded by bedrooms makes sense when you realize this was once a brothel and later a boarding house.

Inn keeper Tina Gordon, who lives here, says she has several – very active, ghosts.

“Something goes on every day. I always joke about the fact they think they have a sense of humor. But when they’re causing my job to be a little harder when i’m getting ready for guests i say, “lets do it at a time when i’m not so busy!  Not when i’m busy.” says Gordon.

Gordon recalls the laughter of a little girl being sometimes heard in a room and she sometimes moves toys left out for her.  “We ask her to move the toys for us.” says Gordon.

In front of us, Gordon speaks to the emptiness and asks, “Can you play with the toys?  Can you move one for us, please?”

What appears to be a whispered reply…”I can’t” emanates from nothingness.

Gordon asks again, “Can you play with the toys?  Can you move one for us, please?” and again a whispered voice repeats “I can’t.”

Not knowing the stories, the ghost hunters start picking up on the presence of a cowboy.

“I feel this huge pressure on my head,” says ghost hunter Allison.

Ghost 2

Earlier Gordon told us about the ghost of a cowboy they call ‘Jake’ who was spotted by a previous inn keeper.

“He just come walking up the stairs.” said Gordon.  She heard his spurs and looked up and saw his great big hat, and he had a scarf around his neck and a long duster like the cowboys wore in the old days.

Jake supposedly stays in Room 7 where it seems tonight, he might want some privacy…as we notice the door stop is down.

For many in the stockyards they don’t need a ghost tour to see something scary – they just have to show up to work.

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