WEATHERFORD (CBS 11 NEWS) – Walk inside Jenny Grigsby’s house in Weatherford and you can still smell the fresh paint…a turquoise painted door welcomes visitors.

Colorful walls warm up the home, and brand new furniture shines bright.

“I love it!” said the single mother. “I love it!”

Grigsby’s old house was in such bad shape there were holes in the walls and floors, and the home wouldn’t heat properly.

She even had to use a carjack to raise the sinking floor.

“I just crawled under there and lifted it as much as I could,” said Grigsby. “The old house was run down.”

A chance conversation at her 8-year-old son Austin’s football game changed everything for the family late last year.

Austin plays on the same team as Michael John Clement’s son.

He’s a worship pastor at New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks near Weatherford.

“I heard her say Austin, ‘We got to get home. We got to get our room closed off, so we could get it warmed up.’” recalled Clement. “I said, ‘Hey what’s going on with your house. Is your heater broken?’ She said ‘No.’ She said, ‘I just have a really old house.'”

He says that’s when he knew he had to do something.

“I was like I can’t go home and sleep in my comfy bed tonight knowing that she’s freezing under a bunch of blankets,” said Clement.

Clement turned to his congregation, all strangers to Grigsby, and they took care of the rest.

Clement says he quickly realized that minor repairs weren’t enough.

Parishioners knew the entire structure needed to be torn down and decided to start from scratch.

The church quickly found construction workers and were able to get supplies donated to start building.

Businesses pitched in to help with plumbing and the electrical work.

During this time, the church put Jenny and Austin up in an apartment.

“I just cried. I was like ‘Oh my gosh, why would you want to do that for me,’” said Grigsby with a big smile on her face.

Along the way, dozens of volunteers stepped in to help build the home.

Many often went to the home and prayed inside. Some even wrote scripture on the concrete before the wood floors were put in.

It took eight months to finish the house, and last Sunday Jenny and Austin walked into their new and furnished home.

“I felt like a million people were hugging me as soon as I walked into the door. I could see everyone hugging me.  It was special,” said Grigsby.  “The old house was run down, short ceilings. It wasn’t home to us anymore… to see Austin come into his home, run around and play, and have the room to run from one room to the next, it warms my heart.”

The church and Clement say it was a calling they had to answer, even though Grigsby is not a member.

“We don’t need thanks from her she has been overwhelmingly grateful. It’s really about being obedient to what we are called to do. That’s the blessing we get,” said Clement.

The help didn’t stop there.

The congregation will continue to take care of the family and their bills for the next three years.

The church estimates they built a $140,000 house for about $40,000.

Grigsby did keep one thing from her old home – a closet door.

It now hangs in her living room as a reminder of a blessing that changed her life.

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