FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Voters had no problem passing a Fort Worth ISD bond proposal worth nearly $500 million. They approved all three parts of the package. It means the school district has taxpayer support to finance what Fort Worth ISD has touted as the plan to improve learning opportunities for children district-wide.

There are an estimated 500 children, none older than the age of seven, who crowd the classrooms of Fort Worth’s Western Hills Primary School.

Teacher Erin Horn educates pre-kindergarten students: four and five-year-old, already playing catch up.

“When they start behind, they get behind more, more and more,” she said.

The school district is poised to teach thousands more students with an expansion plan approved by voters on Tuesday. There will be 80 additional pre-k classrooms built.

The $490 million deal also adds everything from the creation of technology and performing arts academies, to campus security and safety monitoring additions. Even an upgrade in buses will come along the ride.

School district officials point to enrollment growth as reason number one for the bond plan and added education opportunity is right behind.

Fort Worth ISD spokesman Clint Bond said the bond approval is also about options. “We’re giving them a choice, and choice is really important to students and parents.”

Some 84,000 students now fill the Fort Worth Independent School District. Parents and taxpayers in the district will finance the bond plan now slated for those students.

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