By Elizabeth Dinh

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is undergoing eye surgery on Wednesday morning. Price has been suffering from complications related to a concussion last year, and she hopes to raise awareness about an injury that is often unseen.

Price is typically a very active leader for Fort Worth. But for the next two or three days, she will not be working. Price sent a tweet early Wednesday morning indicating that she was heading into surgery, and she thanked her followers for their prayers.

Price has been struggling with eye problems for more than a year, she said. The issue is related to a concussion suffered while bicycling with her husband on a trail. The Fort Worth leader had a really bad crash. Even though she was wearing a safety helmet, she wound up having issues seeing correctly out of her right eye. Price said that her peripheral vision had doubled.

The surgery on Wednesday morning, Price said, will shorten an eye muscle and, ideally, correct the vision issue in her right eye.

Even though it may seem like an eye problem, Price wants to raise awareness about the dangers of concussions, since her injury during the bike crash is what led to her vision difficulties. Price shared her story in hopes of making others aware of the many dangers that can come from a concussion.

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