ELLIS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Deputies are keeping residents out of the town of Milford. Roadblocks are up at every entrance — on the other side environmental agencies are busy testing air quality.

Workers told CBS 11 News crew’s initial tests show the air is not toxic.

Late Thursday morning thick black smoke covered Milford and the Amison family could only watch. “It was terrible,” Helen Amison said. “I really didn’t know what was burning.”

The Amison family quickly evacuated their home and Thursday evening refused to leave a gas station in Italy, because they worry about what the blast may have done to the environment. Mr. Amison said, “I just wonder about what we are breathing. Is it toxic?”

Another family member said, “I worry about what’s in the air [and] what our health will be later on. Will it affect us in any kind of way when it’s safe to go back home?”

Other Ellis county residents already had breathing issues. Milford resident Delta Barnes said, “I’m old and I have oxygen problems.”

Barnes said she didn’t have time to grab her oxygen tank and also fears what’s in the air. “I’m leaving town,” she declared. “I’m going to stay with my nephew.”

The only thing on the mind of mother Christie Tucker was getting her 7-year-old away from the big plume.

Tucker said her little boy was having trouble and she had to give him a breathing treatment immediately. “I’m worried when we go back… and how he’s going to react.”

For the next 24 hours sheriff’s deputies will be at every entrance into Milford — keeping residents out.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) both will continue to monitor air quality levels overnight.

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