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Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Romo supporters, I want to give you a hand.  You are right that Tony Romo has been a very good Quarterback for the Cowboys. He could win Superbowls in other situations (maybe 4 straight with the 90’s Cowboys).  And what’s more, you have demonstrated that you are loyal to your team and never waiver in your support.  Bravo!

But in the words of Ace Ventura…there is just one more thing.

I think it’s very possible that the consistent action of defending Romo against unrealistic criticism for close to a decade has conditioned his supporters to now not be able to evaluate the possibility that this is a time for realistic criticism.

I think it applies to most of our collective Cowboys media.

Tony Romo is old!

This week we are going through the mental gymnastics that maybe the reason the Cowboys are God awful offensively is because Miles Austin has been out.

Last year it was the offensive line and Jason Garrett.   This year, the line is good and Bill Callahan is calling plays, and now it’s….um….well….uh…..oh yeah, Austin is out!  It Can’t be Romo’s fault!

If you have defended Romo for years, I get it. He has been very impressive at times.

They are really bad on offense and there is no other logical explanation for why than Romo has gotten old at age 33. It actually started last year when they couldn’t put points up until the other team went in prevent in the second half.

At age 33, Jake Delhomme had deteriorated from  his peak as a 28-year-old Superbowl bus driver to a terrible player that was on his way out of Carolina and to Cleveland…where he played even worse.

Tom Brady hasn’t won a SB since he went over age 30.

Only two players since 2000 have won it at older than 30.  Drew Brees at 31 and Eli Manning at 31.

Tony Romo is old!

It’s cool…I have more good news.  This is your out as an avid supporter.  You can tell all your “Romo hater” coworkers and friends that they are still idiots about the past. You aren’t changing your opinion on Romo or being a yellow bellied fence sitter, he just got old.

I can actually argue that you have to leave your post on ‘Fort Romo’ now because it’s going to get worse and you don’t want to diminish defending him when he was good by continuing to defend him when he’s bad.   Credibility issue there.

Like any good chief go ahead and declare victory.  Great career. Victory for Romo lovers! Too bad the team held him back all those years. Now he’s too old. Game over.

My final thought on this if you are still skeptical:

Jerry Jones, Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett have all been telling us what’s going on with this offense. They keep saying we just need to execute better. There are no issues holding the team back. The vast majority of injuries are on the defense.

Frankly I believe the media is dismissing is at generic spin meant to avoid giving anything resembling a real answer. They themselves are unwilling to ask the serious question of themselves, that maybe it’s Romo’s fault this offense stinks. Do they expect the Cowboys to spell it out for them?

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And if you see me beer me.

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