FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – As Fort Worth thaws out, city workers are trying to figure out just how much combating the ice cost the city. From sand truck drivers to the actual sand itself, 90+ hours of ice adds up.

“Its going to take us a few days to get a final cost,” said city spokesman Bill Begley. “Everything right now is just rough numbers.”

Here’s what they do know: As of midday today, the costs of dealing with the storm were around $355,000.

The bulk of that comes from paying the people to man trucks, plows and emergency services around the clock.

That is roughly $240,000 right now.

The costs of keeping equipment on the roads, gasoline and sand for the sand trucks adds up to about $107-thousand.

But that’s an early tally.

Fort Worth wants to get as accurate an assessment as it can because it will soon look to recoup its losses.

“We’re working closely with the county to get all of our numbers and then we’ll look to the state to get some disaster cost recovery help,” Begley said. “The state is also working to get the final numbers to look to get federal assistance. The key is to get all the final numbers, the final assessments together before we move forward.”

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