CEDAR HILL (CBS 11 NEWS) – A lost wallet sparked a new friendship in North Texas.

When Cedar Hill High School senior Kalen Stimpson was looking to buy her family Christmas gifts, she realized she’d lost her wallet. Inside her wallet were her driver license, insurance verification and the card holding the $300 she’d just been paid.

Kalen Stimpson - lost wallet

“I wouldn’t have thought it would have gotten back to me,” Stimpson said.

The last time the teenager had her wallet was at a Wing Stop in Cedar Hill.

Perhaps it was fate that another high school senior, who had recently lost her own wallet found Stimpson’s wallet in the parking lot of Uptown Village in Cedar Hill.

Ferris High School basketball captain, Kewpie Steward, was dropping off her boyfriend to get a haircut at Uptown Village when she spotted the pink wallet.

Knowing first-hand the hassles of losing a wallet, with her driver license and other important items inside, Steward paid the $6 postage to mail the wallet back to it’s rightful owner, along with a note.

“That’s how my mom always taught me, you know,” she said. “Do the right thing.”

Days later, a package arrived at the Stimpson home. “I thought it was maybe a package from a college or something,” Stimpson remembered. “When I did find out it was my wallet I was very excited.”

lost wallet 2

And in yet another fateful moment, Steward’s mother, Charla O’Brien, logged onto to Facebook to see a post: a thank you from Stimpson’s mother, Michelle Stimpson, with a picture of the note Kewpie had written. Thousands had commented admiring Steward’s good deed.

“From Cedar Hill, to Ferris, to my Facebook in a matter of an hour and I’m not even friends with mom,” said Charla O’Brien, who was pleasantly surprised to see the post and words of gratitude for her daughter’s good deed.

Stimpson may have temporarily lost her wallet, but she also found a new friend.

“You shocked me. You shocked my parents, [and] clearly you shocked the world. Thank you so much, I’m very grateful,” Stimpson said.

Both teens said they plan to meet each other soon.

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