NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – ‘Tis the season of stealing! On Christmas Eve someone else was most likely enjoying a young boy’s intended gift. The package was delivered in time for Christmas, but someone swiped it and the theft was caught on camera.

With the big day nearing there are thousands of packages still needing to be delivered. In most cases, there’s no time to wait for a doorbell answer. Packages are left at the doorstep.

In the case of Tanya Liner, her package came just in time and at the worst possible time. “Of course the one day when we are not home on time,” she said.

Liner and her husband worked late Monday. By the time they returned home their Christmas gift, for their 12-year-old son, was nowhere in sight.

“We had been planning it for awhile.  Ordered it a few weeks ago.  Now today is Christmas Eve and everything is closed,” Liner said frustrated. “It’s already out of stock everywhere – except from online so there’s no way to replace it on time.”

Initially the Liner’s assumed the golf clubs ordered for their son just didn’t make it on time, but then a neighbor showed Tanya video from a security camera.

In the video there’s a car that apparently had occupants with ill intentions inside.
“You see it plain as day… a car pulls up, bactracks, someone jumps out of the car and runs back down with our package,” details liner. “How bold? How brazen someone could be to, in the middle of the day, come onto my property and steal from us – on Christmas – two days before Christmas.”

The package theft isn’t an isolated case. Just last week in Fort Worth a home security camera caught another thief in action. And with so many targets sitting on doorsteps for the taking Liner says she’s not surprised it happens so often. “I guess it’s the harsh reality of life now. People are just going to take whatever they want,” she said disappointed.

Police suggested that you have your packages delivered to another address if you know you aren’t going to be at home. Another option is to have a neighbor get the package from your residence; because the longer it sits on the doorstep the more likely it will be gone by the time you get home.

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