DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown announced the termination of four DPD officers on his Twitter page Monday afternoon.

The officers are Sgt. Rafael Rodriguez, Senior Corporal William Wesley, Senior Corporal Frank Della, and Senior Corporal Amy Wilburn. Chief Brown also terminated 911 call Taker Moises Limon and demoted Senior Corporal James Reynolds.

According to Brown, Senior Corporal Amy Wilburn was terminated for firing her weapon at an unarmed person without fear or justification. Wilburn’s case will now to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and before a grand jury to determine if she should face criminal charges.

Brown also explained on Twitter that both Senior Corporal William Wesley and Sgt. Rafael Rodriguez were fired for their involvement in domestic disturbances, which resulted in a police response.   In November, Rodriguez approached and threatened his estranged wife and another man at her home.  A police investigation determined he threatened the two with a gun, which he was not authorized to carry.  Rodriguez was arrested for Deadly Conduct.  Rodriguez joined the department in August 1995.  In Wesley’s case, police responded to a 911 call placed by his girlfriend in July.  She told police Wesley hit her in the head with his hands.  He was arrested for Family Violence Assault.  Wesley had been with the department since November 1988.

Senior Corporal Frank Della was fired for public intoxication, damaging a person’s property and making offensive contact with a person, according to Brown.  Police say Della threw a parking barricade during a September concert, which hit a couple’s car.  When the couple confronted him, he grabbed the woman by the shoulders, tried to physically fight the man, and identified himself as a police officer.  Della was arrested for Public Intoxication, Criminal Mischief and Misdemeanor Assault.  Della had been on the force since August 1994.

Brown also terminated 911 call taker Moises Limon stemming from an arrest for driving under the influence. Carrollton Police arrested Limon in May for driving drunk, but Limon did not report the arrest to his supervisor.  Limon was hired in 2007.

Finally, Senior Corporal James Reynolds was demoted to the rank of police officer because he did not respond to a call for help while he was on his lunch break.  According to police, Reynolds was less than half a mile away from shopping center where an off-duty officer called for help with a combative prisoner over the police radio.  Reynolds was with a recruit at the time and told the recruit they would not respond to the call.

All the officers have the right to appeal their discipline under Civil Service rules.

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