FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – As we say goodbye to 2013, shoppers can say hello to some serious savings.

From furniture to cars, there are some great bargains to be had.

“Furniture stores are hurting more than probably hurting more than any other sector so you’re going to see 70 to 80% off a lot of these they are trying to move inventory as fast as they can,” said financial expert Ed Botowksy.

The deals stretch to electronics.

“Anything electronic looks really good.  You’re seeing 60 to 70% off of last year’s models.  You’re not seeing discounts like that on this years models, so if you really don’t mind getting last year’s models you go out there right now because they are trying to get them off the shelves.”

So does that mean buy now or lose out?

“Retailers would love to get their numbers really good before the end of the year.  So you are going to see some really good deals today, some really good deals tomorrow and they’re going to tell you they’re going to be going away.  You show up there next week and they’re probably going to be even better deals.”

What about cars? Is December really the best time to buy?

“All the manufacturers put their biggest incentives of the year, whether it be rebates or low interest rates or lease rates that are really low, they do it at the end of the year,” said Jerry Reynolds, known as “The Car Pro.  “Unlike a lot of different businesses these truly will end January 3rd.”

Unlike all other retailers, automobile deals are for a limited time.

The manufacturer’s pull back on their incentives at the first of the year because they want to see how little they can spend to continue sell, and they find out pretty quick if they’re going to have to raise them back up before the end of the quarter.  But for the end of December and the first two days of January, absolutely you are going to get the best deal.”