FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – It is a project intended to alleviate flooding on a notoriously flood prone Fort Worth road.  Ironically, weekend rains and construction caused a portion of Trinity Boulevard behind Bell Helicopter to collapse.

Now the road is completely closed, frustrating residents and Bell employees who were already irate about construction delays.

Fort Worth resident Wayne Roger lives along Trinity Boulevard. “This has just been a headache since it began,” he said, referring to the construction outside his apartment complex. “I mean, its just noise, dirt, detour, traffic, [and] everything else.”

The flooding repair project could now close that part of Trinity Boulevard for months.

There was no doubt the road needed drainage improvements. In the past heavy rains left the road covered with water and cars stranded.

Rain from this past weekend devastated attempts to permanently correct water issues. The flood prevention project was washed away, collapsing the roadbed into a deep hole.

“We’re building a bridge out there to raise the road up above the water level, so we no longer have those high water issues,” explained Fort Worth Spokesman Bill Begley.  “So what happened is we had all the rain and with the combination of all the construction that’s going on out there apparently we had the road collapse.”

As it stands, traffic on Trinity Boulevard is being diverted up to Highway 10 and around the Bell Helicopter Campus.

The question is, does the city build a passable stretch of road to reopen Trinity and then continue building the bridge, or should the city shut down the road for three months and finish the construction sooner?

A three-month shut down would save the city money, but it’s not a decision Fort Worth officials can make alone.

“Is Bell [Helicopter] okay with us going long term?” Begley asked, as he listed off the questions city planners are trying to answer.  “Are the neighborhood people? Are the ISD’s if they have to use that road for transportation? Would the detour cause an issue? So they’re still in the middle of trying to get all that taken care of.”

Some residents like Roger think that whatever it takes to get rid of the construction equipment is the best way to go. His suggestion, “Shut it down, fix it! Let’s get going again.”

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