A big finale on CBS is the talk of Twitter today.

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#HIMYM Finale was trending for most of the day, after the popular show said goodbye Monday night after nine years and 208 episodes.

Fans learned for the first time that the mother’s name was Tracy, and she died in the final episode.

Viewers also finally discovered how Ted met Tracy and that she was not in fact, the love of his life. Robin was.

The show’s creators said they knew it would end this way when the show started nine years ago.

But thousands of fans flooded the “How I Met Your Mother” fan page on Facebook with unhappy comments.

Sarah Rachelle wrote, “Worst. Finale. Ever. In ALL of television history. Serious.”

Ann Wilkins Jefferson wrote, “I loved the finale. Lots of foreshadowing in the 9 years that made sense. It was always about ted and robin, not the mother. Life is a mystery. Somehow, the years tell what the days never knew.”

Many fans have asked if the finale was an April Fool’s joke and if the writers will supply an alternate ending.


When the reigning World Series champs, the Boston Red Sox visited the White House to celebrate with President Obama, one of the team’s star players seized the moment.

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David Ortiz presented the president with a jersey, and then promptly pulled out his cell phone to snap a selfie.

It had been retweeted 33 thousand times by Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s another view from a reporter who caught the moment while covering the event.



Passengers on board a flight to Sydney, Australia were treated to a free, professional performance from the cast of “The Lion King.”

The cast started singing “Circle of Life” shortly before takeoff on a Virgin Australia flight.

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The cast had just announced the show will be opening in Brisbane this summer and were flying back to Sydney after the announcement.