Amanda Edirimanasinghe took a variety of classes while pursuing her undergraduate degree; as an elective, she took an introduction to criminal justice course. After that, she took a crime scene investigation class and it peaked her interest. Upon completing the class, she declared criminal justice as her major.

(Photo Courtesy of Amanda Edirimanasinghe )

(Photo Courtesy of Amanda Edirimanasinghe )

Freshly out of school, she got a position as a juvenile supervision officer in Dallas County. She was commuting 100 miles a day and started looking for something closer to home. Through networking on LinkedIn, USA Jobs, her college career services department and contacting friends in the criminal justice system, Edirimanasinghe found a job working as an adult probation officer for Tarrant County.

“People make poor choices and they oftentimes don’t realize the full scope of what they do. They don’t understand that it is wrong and why it is against the law. The way people justify their crimes is the psychology end of it, and I really enjoy that part. I also work with different personalities. I deal with people who are unemployed and people with great jobs, and with different socio-economic backgrounds,” said Edirimanasinghe.

“It is my job to protect the public and I work with the public to reduce the recidivism rate. We are surrounded by probationers. I like making it a safe environment for the residents of the county.”

Edirimanasinghe has always wanted to have a master’s degree as a personal goal. She realized that having a bachelor’s degree is very common and she wanted to pursue a higher degree to advance her career.

“My parents and family have always instilled the importance of higher education in me while growing up and I’m grateful for their unconditional support through the years, which is another reason for my motivation to obtain my masters,” said Edirimanasinghe.

She will be pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice from Texas Christian University in the fall.

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