DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas police still looking for the person or people who ran a stop sign, driving their mini-van into the side of a car, killing its teenage passenger. The teen was the son of a Cedar Hill police sergeant. A memorial was held at the crash site today; proof even complete strangers are moved by the senselessness of the wreck.

“I brought the flowers because it’s a sad situation,” said Judy Ouellet, who feels for the family of Sgt. Victor Vasquez. The Vasquez’s live several blocks away on the M-streets. Ouellet doesn’t know any of the family personally, but her heart goes out to them.

“They’re good people,” according to Ouellet. “It’s a policeman that lost his son, and his wife’s in critical condition, so I feel bad.”

The death of 13-year-old Ethan is especially painful for her. “He was a smart boy and they lost him. It’s sad. Very sad.”

Many neighbors were contacted by police late Tuesday, generating leads that investigators said leaves them “hopeful” of finding the people responsible.

Dashcam video from an earlier police chase has given them a partial description — someone wearing a white t-shirt and white ball cap — but the race and gender are not discernible.  Investigators said any new information is welcome.

At last report Ethan’s mother, Sandy Vasquez, was still in critical condition at a Dallas hospital.

Now the Cedar Hill community is creating a bank account to help out her family.

“Sgt. Vasquez is our family member and we all felt a loss yesterday,” said Mayor Pro Tem Chris Parvin. He said the community has small town values, and he has established a bank account for donations to help the family through Citizens National Bank of Texas.

Parvin was with Vasquez just last week at a local firing range. He called Vasquez “a great guy” who is really hurting now. “I just can’t imagine suffering that kind of loss in such a senseless tragedy,” said Parvin. “I know they’re feeling sorrow that is just unexplainable right now.”

Donations to the Vasquez family can be made at any of the 14 branches of Citizens National Bank in either Ellis County or South Dallas County.

All a donor has to do is tell the bank representative the donation is for the family of Sgt. Victor Vasquez, there isn’t a specific account number. Donations are accepted in person or people may send a check.

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