By Elizabeth Dinh

DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – There is a chance that an iconic spicy sauce could soon be made in North Texas. There is a fight going on to woo the company behind Sriracha sauce out of California and into Denton, and it heats up on Monday. A delegation of Denton city leaders have gone to California to convince the Sriracha company to expand their operations.

The campaign to win over Huy Fong Foods started back in October. That is when the city of Irwindale, California began a push to get Sriracha to shut down production of its spicy red rooster sauce. Neighbors said that the sauce gives off an offensive odor. That is when Denton jumped in to say that North Texas has plenty of open space, and these odor issues would not be a concern in the Lone Star State.

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Denton city officials claim that they were first to seriously court Huy Fong Foods. City councilmember Kevin Roden even posted an invitation to his website. He and several other city leaders will meet with Sriracha owner and creator David Tran in California on Monday. “From the point of view of distribution, we’re set up at the top of where I-35E and I-35W converge,” Roden said. “We also have wide open spaces, a lot of room for industrial manufacturing. So, we think we are a top choice for them.”

According to Business Week, Sriracha sold $28 million bottles of the hot sauce in 2012.

Roden stated that the company might be forced to expand in as soon as three years from now because of its popularity. He is hoping to capitalize on that success and need for growth.

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