FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – They’ve been in combat. They’re often wounded and carry emotional scars. But most veterans say the scariest thing about military service is becoming a civilian again.

Tuesday, a former Green Beret got a little extra help with the transition.

Christopher Livesay received a new home as a reflection of gratitude for decades of military service.

“I did combat in Afghanistan right after 9/11,” Livesay said. “We were among the first Americans in Afghanistan. It was actually my team that liberated Kandahar.”

Next came combat in Baghdad, Iraq.

“And a big firefight broke out,” Livesay recalled of his unit’s combat as they spearheaded the battle of Baghdad. “We were badly outnumbered. That’s where I got shot. The other medic on my team was [also] shot.”

While the injuries resulted in Livesay having to have his leg was amputated, he stayed in the Army. He only half-jokingly says he spent half his military career on “one leg.”

Now, after 21 ½ years Livesay is finally coming home to a new, mortgage free, home.

A crowd of Bank of America employees, volunteers and Patriot Guard riders greeted Livesay as he walked up the driveway at his new, west Fort Worth house.

“Welcome home, baby!” one person yelled, as others began applauding.

A Bank of America representative read from the plaque presented to Livesay along with the keys to his house, “We thank you for your service and are proud and inspired by your bravery.”

Bank of America and Military Warriors Support Foundation have provided homes for more than 1,000 military veterans and first responders.

“This is really nice,” Livesay said with a smile, as he toured the house.

Livesay is making a big jump into civilian life and may finally be able to hang up his combat boots. The gift of the house is a big help.

“It’s been an uphill battle the whole way,” Livesay said of his Army life. “Bad things have happened — just constantly struggling. And here I am now things are really… I’m retired; life is good, growing my hair out [and] I’ve got this house. Great things are really happening now.”

Livesay says his family has served in the military for generations. In fact, his brother was also wounded in combat and received a home in Killeen from the Bank of America program as well.

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