TARRANT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – If it flies, crawls, bites, buzzes or stings, chances are it’s thriving after recent rains.

And Brent Russell’s Tarrant County Pest Control bug business is booming as a result.

“Praise Jesus for all the rain that we’ve gotten lately!” Russell exclaimed. “It’s been wonderful for my business. But for homeowners it might not be the best thing as far as bugs go.”

No matter where he looks, Russell is finding ants. The humidity causes them to sprout wings and swarm in search of new nests, often in the walls of homes like one of Russell’s recent calls.

“She had seen some small, winged what looked like termites coming out of the wall and when I got there, luckily for her it wasn’t termites it was just ants that were swarming,” Russell said.

Russell was spraying the towering trees surrounding a northwest Fort Worth home Thursday for another species that’s really thriving after the rain: web worms.

They’re actually caterpillars that reproduce in their web nests in trees and quickly become a nuisance. Their tiny droppings littered this porch beneath them at the home Russell was spraying.

“The whole porch was covered in these little… it looked like poppy seeds,” said the sister of the home’s owner, Wendy Jordan. “And that’s the big nest up above us, so…  and of course there were lots of worms trying to get in the house so it was really nasty.”

Russell said the last time conditions were like this he saw web worms take over a woman’s house.

“She had web worms in a mulberry tree in front of her house and they had completely taken over the whole tree and they were coming down out of the tree, walking across the yard and were completely covering the front door and front house and the whole sidewalk,” Russell recalled.

Pest control experts say the best thing homeowners can do is be observant and take out nests, hives or mounds before they become a problem.

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