As we near 4th of July, many are mourning the loss of an American hero.

Louis Zamperini died at 97 years old, and social media is overflowing with tributes to the World War II hero and Olympian.

Zamperini is the subject of a movie due out in December, directed by Angelina Jolie.

During the war, Zamperini survived a plane crash, 47 days in at sea in shark-infested waters, and two years of torture in Japanese camps as a prisoner of war.

Before that, he competed in the 1936 Olympics as a long distance runner.

A book about his life — and the upcoming movie — is titled Unbroken, which has also been trending today.


One Japanese politician had a very bad day at work and the results were caught on tape.

It was a very emotional outburst from a Japanese politician whose spending habits have been questioned by a local newspaper.

Ryutaro Nonomura could not contain his tears as he defended himself against claims of abusing public funds.

A local newspaper reported that Nonomura spent 30 thousand dollars in the past year for nearly 200 day trips, most of them to a resort in a town outside of his district.

In the video he says, “To change japan and society, I’m putting my life on the line.”

The video has more than 1 and a half million clicks since it was posted on Tuesday.


With a stick in his hand and a whole bunch of energy, a dog is ready for a game of fetch. However, there’s just one problem. He’s trying wants to play with a statue.

He barks, he sits, he tries everything to get the statue to move — with no luck.

At one point, he even picks up a stick and tries to put it in the statue’s hand.

This video has more than five million clicks on YouTube.