By Scott Padgett

Happy Friday North Texas. Temps are well below average this morning and even at record cold levels.  Just after 5AM the temp at DFW dropped to 66° which is a new record low for this date.

Metro Temp Plot

It can get cold in July but we haven’t seen a record low temperature at DFW since May 4th, 2013.

Feeling Like Fall

This is the first time a record low has been recorded in July since 1994! So  with temps in the mid 60s this AM, you can figure out that we will have  cooler than average day ahead. A lot of cloud cover remains in place and will thing through the day but don’t expect temps to warm into the 90s.

AM_Forecast 3 Panel_NOW_DAWN

Temps will warm back to near average by the end of the weekend as a mid-level ridge moves back in to the southern plains. It is going to get even warmer next week as moisture and humidity returns. So enjoy this cool July treat!

Extended AM