50 Shades Of Grey Trailer

The “50 Shades of Grey” movie trailer was released this morning and its been all the talk on social media today.

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Beyonce sings a new version of her hit “Crazy In Love” as we get our first glimpse of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

On the CBSDFW Facebook page, we asked, “Are you going to see the movie?”

Barbara Dickinson wrote, “Sick of hearing about it already…..”

Phillip Friedman wrote, “I’m gonna say that all the women will drag their boyfriends/husbands etc, to this movie and we know that if we guys don’t go, there will be consequences! So I’ll see most of you guys on line?…”

Chelsea Hamilton posted a picture of a little boy with this comment, “He was born about 9 months after reading the first book… Yes i’m going to see the movie… Perhaps he needs a little sibling??? Lol”

The movie comes out on Valentine’s Day.

Frank Caliendo As Morgan Freeman

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There’s a new spin on the LeBron James letter about returning to Cleveland.

Comedian Frank Caliendo, who does some great celebrity impressions, John Madden, Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to name a few, uses another recognizable voice to read the letter.

Water Balloon Invention

A Plano dad has come up with a genius way to take your water balloon fight to the next level!

No more filling balloons up one by one — Josh Malone’s “Bunch O Balloons” invention allows you to fill up 37 balloons at a time.

You hook the balloons to the water hose — fill them — shake them free and they tie on their own!

Malone started a campaign on Kickstarter to sell his balloon brainchild.

His goal was 10 thousand dollars, and he’s raised more than 150 thousand in three days.

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