DALLAS, TX (CBS 11 NEWS) — Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Loboda was conducting a traffic stop on 635 Westbound near the Coit Road exit in Dallas on July 10th when he had a brush with death. The deputy’s close call was all caught on his dash board camera and now he is speaking to CBS-11 about it.

Deputy Loboda had pulled over a black sports car, and while speaking to the driver on the driver’s side of the car, a white pick-up truck sped passed him nearly side swiping him of the road. The 6-year veteran of the department explained he saw the truck barreling towards him and braced for what was coming.

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Deputy Loboda said, “My thought process was think small, be small…tuck everything that I had in. Don’t leave a foot out…Pull everything away from where this vehicle is coming from.”

Lucky for him, he squeezed by within inches of the speeding truck. As seen on the dash cam video, the driver did stop, but was sent on his way.

Loboda says this is a clear example of why motorists need to follow Texas law in moving over a lane or slowing down to 20 miles per hour below the posted limit when they see and emergency vehicle with lights flashing on the side of the road.

Loboda added, “ It happens too often, and again a lot of it has to be with people being in a hurry. They’ve got to get somewhere. They’ve got to get somewhere yesterday.”

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