Technology advances every industry. Scientific research utilizing computers produces breakthroughs that advance medicine and ultimately benefit the world.

(Photo Courtesy of Marie Camacho)

(Photo Courtesy of Marie Camacho)

Marie Camacho is a futuristic thinker, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Texas Christian University. As a HIV/Risk Reduction Specialist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Marie Camacho performs HIV testing, counsels and educates the community.

Research and information gathering that helps shape public policy is of interest to Camacho. She is considering a master’s degree in public health, information sciences or anthropology because she enjoys working in public health but is also looking to expand her education in a technical realm.

“With an advanced degree, I will have more options for a career choices. Right now, I am client-facing (in the front lines) when it comes to handling disease prevention. But with the master’s degree, I could work on developing interventions, doing behavioral surveillance and exploring other avenues,” said Camacho.

“When it comes to the infodemiology (the science of information using the Internet and other search data that looks at the incidence, distribution and control of diseases and other health factors with the aim of expanding the knowledge of public health), I think it is a fascinating and emerging field that I want to explore,” said Camacho.

Camacho is currently reviewing master’s degree programs.

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