On Monday night Johnny Football shocked the world. Not with his outstanding quarterbacking, but with his ‘flip-off’ of the Redskins bench —  and it was all caught on national TV.

During the game, after being ‘verbally abused’ by the Redskins bench Manziel refused to believe in the mantra of “Sticks & Stones.” So as his only rebuttal – Manziel raised his middle finger toward the opponents’ bench as he returned to the huddle late in the third quarter of Monday night’s 24-23 loss to the Redskins.

Of course – the twitterverse blew up with new names for Manziel including #JohnnyFlipoff, #JohnnyFinger and more.

And yes, there was plenty of false outrage.

Some even tried to examine the psychology of the situation.

Many pointed out Manziel’s inexperience in playing in the NFL

To many the finger seemed to  be pointing in the right direction.

With his first nationally televised professional game comes to opportunity to be fined by the NFL for his antics

Some have even turned it into a money-making opportunity

And yes – the moment with reality sets in and the you -know-what hits the fan!

 But no matter what he does, there will always be the Manziel ‘homers’ (aka Aggies)


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