Buffering. It’s the word no internet user wants to see.

But today, you’ve probably seen it more than normal.

That little spinning wheel you hate to see when you’re online — is everywhere today.

The loading pinwheel or the circle of death as some people call it — is popping up all day on several sites like Netflix and Reddit.

Your internet service isn’t really moving slower.

But those sites are using the symbol and have named today “internet slow down day” to protest the federal government’s support for so-called internet fast lanes.

The fast lane plan would allow broadband providers to charge companies more to offer customers premium service.

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A famous intersection goes online.

The Beatles made it famous nearly 50 years ago but people still want to get a selfie or take a stroll on Abbey Road just like the “Fab Four” did back in 1969 for their album cover.

At any time of the day, tourists stop in the middle of the busy road to pose like the Beatles.

Click here to check out the Abbey Road crossing cam.


This wake up call was more powerful than any alarm or cup of coffee.

A news crew in Knoxville, Tennessee went on the air this morning with a special studio guest.

Right out of the gate at 6 am, a bat dive-bombed the morning team.

They all ducked but surprisingly no one ran out of the studio.

The bat came back a few seconds later for a second appearance.

The staff tried to corral the bat, but they had to bring in professionals to get the job done.

It took a couple hours to catch him and the station says was released in the woods.

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