DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texas’ red hot real estate market is sizzling—so much so, that some would-be buyers have decided to stay put.

“You have to act quickly,” said Abraham Achar, “because they’re gone or the possibility of the right house with the right features is not available right now.”

So like many families, the Achars opted to avoid a possible bidding war and remodel their current home to get the extra features they craved.

“I love this house, to be honest,” adds Deborah Achar, “at the end, we thought it was easier just to upgrade our own.”

“It’s the very big trend this year, everybody has been added or remodeling,” says Sandy Tabacinic, owner of Homecorp Structures, a local remodel and design company.

“It’s fabulous news for me!”

Tabacinic is working with the Achars to add a pool to their spacious backyard and perhaps other upgrades.

She says many homeowners tempted to sell as home prices in North Texas soar, but they are often brought back to reality when they realize that the view is different as a buyer.

“Everywhere they go is just crazy expensive, or it’s sold,” says Tabacinic. “So we’re going to try to get the pool in here.”

And the Achars say they love their North Dallas neighborhood—which is another reason to stay put.

“The school is like 3 minutes from here, “ says Deborah, “to find another school for the girls and maybe have to drive a long way? Yeah, it’s definitely a better option just to upgrade our own house.”

“They love it and they get to keep their neighbors, they get to keep their kids in the same school,” says Tabacinic, “it’s great to be able to stay and have what you need.”