I just want to explain again that #Pieceathon came together in one week. SERIOUSLY!

We were talking to Bryan Broaddus after his Wednesday night appearance 9-10pm every week, and we said “We have to work Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and then fill in for AM drive on Thanksgiving.”

“You guys should just work the whole night through,” Broaddus said.

The very next segment in the Pants Off Ten, we asked you the Fan Fans if you thought that it would be a good idea or not. One logical person texted that we might die. The other thousands of texts said “do it.”

So here’s how everything else came together.

We asked the boss if we could do a 14-hour show. He approved it.

We then asked him if we could do it for a charity, which he tried to shoot holes in for a while, but he only did that because A) he has to do his due diligence as a boss B) it was during a holiday so not all hands would be on deck and C) he wanted to make sure we were prepared. Then he approved it.

Then we asked Derek Holland for an autographed baseball.

“I’ll give you an autographed jersey,” Holland said.

Kevin and I looked at each other and high fived. Sweet we got something to auction off.

That Friday night we announced the auctioning of Derek’s jersey.

Broaddus always listens to our show and he called me during a break.

“You guys are crazy I’m in for 4 hours anytime you want and I’ll get Dez Bryant to autograph a football or something,” Broaddus said. “I think this is a great idea.”

Well that was cool.

Moments later Fran Provenzano, former Assistant GM of the Dallas Stars, texts and says, “I’m in for the marathon and I’ll get a Jamie Benn autographed stick.”

Man we work with some great people.

Then the Cowboys organization gave us a team autographed ball.

Sales brought in some huge items too: a Springfree trampoline, 1 year of Tommy T’s car washes, Winstar 1 night stay with 2 Eddie Izzard tickets, Gift card to the Palm Restaurant, and a huge set of 4 tickets to see Chris Botti Grammy winning trumpet player plus a backstage meet and greet at Verizon. BTW, Chris Botti then came on the show with us and was freaking awesome, I want to kick it with that guy everyday because he just seems like a down to earth cool dude.

Monday before Pieceathon I went to Holland’s house to get the autographed jersey and then picked up the stick from Frank’s house. Frank went to Jamie Benn’s house and hung out with him and Benn brought a game used stick to sign for him.

Then that Tuesday Kevin went to pick up the Dez football at Valley Ranch from Broaddus, only he got a huge surprise. Broaddus got Dez to sign a helmet! Holy crap that’s awesome!

Our guest lineup came together throughout that weekend and into the final day of preparation it included: Derek Holland, Flula, Sean Heath, Frank Provenzano and Stars Insider Tony Jaremko (who paired with Frank for great hockey talk), Bryan Broaddus from 3 am – 7 am because he said he always wanted to know what it was like to do late night radio and crushed it with some amazing stories from draft rooms, Jesse Holley, Fish, Jay Betsill who knows all the hot women and Mark Lane with some tremendous and daunting Cowboys Thanksgiving statistics. Heck even Jeff Cavanaugh joined us the next morning to call us crazy.

Then at 8 pm Wednesday night we started the craziness.

WATCH: K&C Spoon Smack

You joined us as long as you could, and some the entire night. We know because we saw the texts the tweets and the facebook love from you all night long. My voice left me around 3:45 and I walked into wall around 7:30. Colby ran around the building naked and argued that people were making their ramen noodles the wrong way. Kevin almost put on an adult diaper to make money for charity. He made $30.

Shippy…poor Shippy got slapped with a ham steak as thick as your knuckles, drank a can of gravy and then deposited that into the trash can and then developed pneumonia. I also stuck a turkey on my head, a real, raw 20 pound turkey.

WATCH: Shippy gets slapped with a hamsteak

But most of all we raised $6,500 with #Pieceathon and helped spread the word about our friends at My Possibilites.

The people at My Possibilities couldn’t be more appreciative of the support and love, and I am certain that they will be able to help more people not only with the money raised, but with the exposure to the community.

WATCH: K&C the Turkey Hat

This would have never happened with you the Fan Fans. None of it. We wouldn’t have attempted it without your support, and we wouldn’t have made it a successful venture for our friends at My Possibilities if you didn’t join in. Now think about everything we accomplished in one week.

If the boss says we can make that a yearly thing, we might be able to do so much more. Thank you Fan Fans for your support and for making #Pieceathon Possible.

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