By Ken Molestina

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Two days of being paralyzed by a winter storm in North Texas has taken it’s toll on small businesses. So you could imagine why Wednesday’s burst of sunshine has many mom and pop type operations seeing green.

Mia, the owner and operator of Sunshine Doughnuts in Fort Worth says she was almost in tears earlier this week after having little to no customers in the past two days. On Wednesday, she was singing a completely different tune.

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She said, “A lot of people came back. They like doughnuts. We are very happy.”

Her clientele was so significant, she was running out of doughnuts and pastries to sell.

Across town at Arlington’s Paisley car wash, crews were happy to be out working again. They saw a huge uptick in businesses too, with so many cars coming in to get the brine and road grime from the winter storm cleaned off.

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Paisley’s general manager, Greg Roberston said, “The expectation is that each hour you’re going to incrementally pick up more and more.”

That’s exactly what they did on Wednesday around noon time. Robertson explained they have a lot of business to make up since shutting down the car wash for two days. Now he is just hoping the weather stays good enough long enough to recuperate some of the money lost.

He added, “If it’s not a favorable forecast we’re going to suffer the repercussions of it.”

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The next round of winter weather isn’t expected until the end of the week.