By Brian New

THE COLONY (CBSDFW.COM) – He sits like a dog, eats like a rabbit, and when Mother Nature calls he rings the bell to be let outside.

Benjamin is by all accounts a typical indoor pet with one obvious exception.

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He’s a pig – a 51-pound Juliana pig.

“He’ll sit on your lap. He’ll lick your fingers. He’s wants belly rubs,” explains his owner Regina Hubbard, a resident of The Colony. “There’s nothing different from him than a dog.”

However, all breeds pigs in The Colony are considered livestock and livestock isn’t allowed within city limits.

The city gave Hubbard notice. Her pig must go.

“But he’s our pet,” said Hubbard.

(credit: CBS 11 News)

(credit: CBS 11 News)

Hubbard has always wanted a pet but being allergic to dogs limited her options. Then she found Benjamin at a farm where pigs are bred to be pets.

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Hubbard has started an online petition to change the city’s animal control ordinance.

After looking into her proposal, the city of The Colony said it will not be changing its ordinance.

In a written statement, Mayor Joe McCourry said it was a regretful but necessary decision.

“The proposed changes to our animal control ordinance were by no means taken lightly, and we are certainly sympathetic to any residents who may be adversely affected by the decision not to make these changes,” McCourry said.

The city cited rabies concerns as one of the main reasons it decided not the change the ordinance.

“The whole thing is hog wash,“ said Hubbard. “ I just think it’s non-sense.”

Benjamin has had his rabies shots but the city said the State of Texas doesn’t recognize rabies shots for pigs.

Hubbard is not giving up.

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“He’s our family member,” she said. “We don’t want him to go away.”