GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Supporters of a man shot dead by Grapevine police took to the streets Sunday.

They’re demanding justice and the release of the shooting officer’s dash cam video.

Demonstrators marched through the heart of Grapevine and to City Hall with a stern message, demanding to see the video.

(Credit: Peter Watson/ CBSDFW.COM)

(Credit: Peter Watson/ CBSDFW.COM)

In English and Spanish Demonstrators chanted their message.

“Why has it been four weeks and this video tape not been released? Why has this officer not been arrested,” asks attorney Domingo Garcia.

It was on February 20th that 31-year old Ruben Garcia Villalpando, an undocumented immigrant was shot and killed by Grapevine police officer Robert Clark.

Now, questions continue to mount over the legitimacy of the shooting.

The family’s attorney, Domingo Garcia, believes the release of the officers dash cam video would be proof of what happened that night.

“If it was exculpatory that video would have been released already. We believe this video will show police misconduct and that’s why it hasn’t been released.”

(Credit: Peter Watson/CBSDFW.COM)

(Credit: Peter Watson/CBSDFW.COM)

The Tarrant County district attorney’s office has ordered the video sealed from the public while the investigation continues.

“We want justice, not just for my family, for my brother in law,” says Villalpando’s Brother-in-law, Fernando Romero.

Meanwhile, loved ones of Villalpondo are still mourning and looking for answers.

“The pain is right there. He’s gone, he is killed. The kids are going to grow up without a father.”

The family’s attorney says the DA has informed them their investigation into the shooting could wrap up sometime in late April or early May.