DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says if the team didn’t believe Greg Hardy could become the “right kind of guy,” they would not have signed him.

Garrett says he’s confident the Cowboys can bring out the best in Hardy.

Now former Super Bowl champions Cowboys players Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston are speaking about the team’s controversial signing of the former Carolina Panther defensive end.

Hardy was convicted last year in North Carolina of assaulting his former girlfriend. The charges were dropped last month because the accuser did not show up to testify for an appeal trial and refused to cooperate with the District Attorney’s office.

Aikman says he understands the controversy surrounding the team’s decision to sign Hardy, considering the domestic violence issues. “I understand the reaction to it, there is no place for it. But, someone asked me a moment ago, I do think the way people have reacted to the signing, I don’t know if the reaction four or five years ago would have been as strong. So, from that stand point improvements have been made and strides made to awareness to this that can hopefully change what’s going on.”

Daryl Johnston also stayed pretty neutral in his comments by saying he could understand both sides. “You’ve got some people who are going to say I believe in second chances and redemption and you got other people that are going to say, ‘I don’t care what you think his value is on the football field, we shouldn’t have made this signing.’”