FRISCO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Jose Garcia of Frisco hasn’t watered his front yard since the summer of 2012. “I feel bad, throwing away so much good water.”

He says he not only saves water, but money, and time. “You spend so much energy keeping your grass green, and you don’t need it.”

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Garcia’s lawn is now dormant like most everyone else’s, but he says his yard stayed nice and green last summer.

While most people don’t share his passion, they are using less water.

The city of Frisco says since 2000, residents have cut water usage in half, to 148 gallons per person per day.  In Allen, it’s 149 gallons.  In McKinney, it’s 134 gallons, and 132 in Plano.

The state’s goal is 140 gallons per person per day.

Lake levels are up, so on June 1st, the North Texas Municipal Water District will ease water restrictions from once every two weeks.

But the board won’t decide until April 23rd, whether the district will allow people to water once a week, or even twice a week again.

That will depend on lake levels and the amount of rain we receive.

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Officials say while water usage will go up slightly when restrictions are eased, they don’t think people will go back to their old ways.

Garcia says he’s never going back.  He takes what will become compost and spreads it on his front yard during the winter, which helps it stay green in the summer.

Garcia says, “The grass does not need much water, it needs better soil.”

He says the compost helps the soil and grass soak up snow and rain.  He’s also turned his backyard into what he calls a liberty garden. “Liberty from water.”

During summer, he only hand waters his vegetables and fruit trees by hand once a week.

Garcia says, “I was telling my wife, this is more than a hobby. It’s become a way of life for me now.”

In case you’re wondering about Garcia’s foundation, he says it’s fine.  Garcia has placed mulch around much of the foundation.

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