DENTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – Families flock to consignment sales, like the Just Between Friends children’s consignment sale in Denton this weekend, looking for clothes, merchandise and toys at a fraction of retail prices. And while parents see gently used bargains, Jennifer Templeton sees a money maker.

“I do, I see the profit,” Templeton said.

To find things to sell here, Templeton gathers together all the stuff her kids don’t need any more first.

“And then when I’m done with that, I start going to garage sales,” she said. “It’s sort of like a fun thing for us. I don’t know, it’s kind of like treasure hunting.”

And that’s where she finds bargains for parents with a profit for herself.

So, a toy horse that retails for 45-bucks?

“I picked this up at a garage sale for about two bucks,” Templeton said. “And you can turn around and you can turn right around and mark it for 10.”

A shelf full of collectible doll houses found at a garage sale sells as collectibles online for $45 each. Templeton found a box full of them for $5.00

Each one is selling at the consignment show for at least $10 now.

Last fall Templeton made $4,000 in one weekend. She used money from her sales at Just Between Friends events to straighten her son’s teeth.

“We finished with his braces, we paid off his braces with my JBF money,” she said. “We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama last summer.

“If you love looking for bargains and getting a bargain and making money, this is it! It’s fun. To me is just fine. It’s almost not even work.”