By Ginger Allen

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – In this age of high-tech gadgetry, crooks are going high-tech too. hackers are doing everything from breaking into keyless cars, to breaking into your phone.

Researchers at Syracuse University tested new software, that can be used by thieves, to unlock your phone by simply looking at video – and not necessarily of your screen. All they need is video of you unlocking the phone.


Researchers say the software guesses pin codes by analyzing hand movement and geometry of your particular phone. Using this technology, researchers were able to accurately guess the security codes of several phones. Their highest quality video produced 82-percent accuracy after just five guesses.

The software can be also used on videos of ATM as well. So what can you do to protect yourself? A few simple tips might help.

Experts say, the best thing to do is to cover your phone or the ATM keypad while you’re punching your code. Change you pin frequently, just like you would your passwords. If your phone has fingerprint technology to unlock it using that option will make it harder to hack.

The second security issue has stumped even the cops. Several keyless entry cars around the country have been stolen and there are questions about how it’s happened. Turns out — there’s a mysterious device that maybe behind it. The device uses your own key fob — the little remote you use instead of a key.

Experts tell CBS News the device most likely amplifies the signal of your fob, while it’s with you inside your home or office. It allows crooks to trick your car into thinking that the key is close to the vehicle.

The best solution to this problem is to keep the key fob in the freezer or a metal container. Either of those will prevent the key from transmitting a signal to your car.

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