On Tuesday, May 5 Jared Sandler (@sandlerj) asked questions with the hashtag, #AskJared, for 105.3 The Fan. Here are some of the interactions.

Who do you think the Rangers will take with the 4th overall pick in the draft?
— @HectorDz94

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The baseball draft is always tough to forecast because of the several moving parts, like signability and the slotting system. Looking at teams’ tendencies works best for forecasting this sort of thing and the Rangers like high-upside high school guys. Combine that with the general desire to draft up the middle, especially early (P, C, SS, CF), and my guess is that they are really looking at Daz Cameron, a centerfielder who is the son of former MLB’er, Mike Cameron.

Any chance Rua plays 2B when he’s back? Would much prefer his bat right now to Roogie’s.
— @TravisHolten

Doubt it. He’s really outgrown that position, physically. During the off-season he added around 30 pounds of upper body muscle. He would easily be the biggest regular 2B in baseball.

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Thoughts on the Rangers taking a chance on Salty again?
— @akelley57

No chance at all. He has no real skill and is horrendous defensively. In no way, shape, or form is he better than either of the Rangers’ two catchers, Robinson Chirinos and Carlos Corporan.

Can you cry under water?
— @ShippyFunSports

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Sure, but it wouldn’t taste the same. The salt would get too watered down.