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MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Attorneys for six teenagers at the McKinney pool party that got national attention say their clients were assaulted and battered that day.

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The officer at the center of that incident, former McKinney Police Department Corporal Eric Casebolt, resigned after video showed him slamming a 15-year-old girl to the ground. The parents of other children at the event say Casebolt’s actions against the 15-year-old girl were just the beginning.

At a press conference Friday, the attorneys, representing the families of Maxwell Hudson; Jordan and Jayden Gray; Ladariene McKever; and Jahda and Dahja Bakari, said their actions are not an attack on the McKinney Police Department.

Attorney Darrell Jordan said, “We are not here to divide the city. We are here because as citizens of the Lone Star State we believe there is nothing more American as the belief that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.”

In fact, the legal representatives described themselves as being aligned with investigators, to reveal everything that happened that day. “Texas is a state of laws. If we believe that somebody has violated the law then what we do as advocates is we work with our clients and go file charges,” Jordan said. “An investigation will be done and if it is determined that he [Casebolt] has broken the law then he needs to suffer the consequences.”

Millions watched video of the pool party earlier this month. It sparked outrage and allegations of police brutality.

Friday, the attorneys insisted the public hasn’t heard from many who were victimized that day. Attorney Kwame Thompson said, “We are here today to seek justice for the students of McKinney, Texas who were assaulted, battered and emotionally distressed. Children look to adults, and especially adults in positions of authority, for protection and safety. Those duties to protect the welfare and safety of the children of McKinney, Texas have been breached.”

Parents of the teens stood by as their lawyers vowed not to rest until former Cpl. Casebolt was arrested, tried, and convicted. Attorney Jordan said gaining monetary damages is not their primary purpose. “What’s most important to us right now, and most important to these families, is that Mr. Casebolt is never, ever allowed to carry a weapon again and claim to stand and protect others. He has demonstrated that he is not worthy.”

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Attorney Thompson said the families, “…retained our legal services to file administrative complaints with the McKinney Police Department for police misconduct charges against former Cpl. David Eric Casebolt.”

Dana Bakari is the mother of two teens there that day. She says her girls have been traumatized by the experience. “She [daughter] actually got hit in the face. She got hit on the arm with a baton, flashlight, or a stick of some sort when she was instructed to go home. She was headed in the direction of home and the police prevented her from going in the direction of our home.”

The attorneys also explained that while the investigation into the incident isn’t complete they had to take legal action now to “preserve our right to sue and to seek justice for our clients.” They said moving forward now was necessary to prevent missing critical legal deadlines.

The attorneys said violence against children is simply unacceptable and their actions will help ensure the safety of the students of McKinney and “prevent future injustice against them.”

The lawyers did take time to compliment McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley for his statements while announcing Casebolt’s resignation. Attorney Jordan said, “Chief Conley demonstrated tremendous courage and integrity when he spoke without hesitation and condemned the actions of Mr. Casebolt,” later adding that, “A good leader will fall on the sword when he believes in the actions of the people under him. And when the police Chief came out and said the actions of one of his officer’s was ‘indefensible’ that speaks a lot.”

The attorneys said they had already met with members of the police department and planned to meet with the Texas Rangers; who are conducting an independent investigation.

When asked how the children they represent are doing, attorneys said they are “traumatized.” But they did say the youngsters will be talking with investigators next week.

When McKinney police were asked if they were aware of the six young people and their claims of being assaulted, a spokesperson declined to comment.

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