By Arezow Doost

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EULESS (CBSDFW.COM) – Families are scrambling to find new homes on Wednesday after being told to move out of their apartment complex in Euless. Around a dozen residents spent Tuesday night at the Shadow Creek Apartments even though they were told to vacate.

The property was sold, and residents said that they received only five weeks notice to get out.

The apartment complex’s air conditioning was already turned off by Wednesday morning, and the electricity and water could be shut off next. Residents began loading up trucks on Wednesday morning and headed out.

“We have to have everything out from here first,” explained Bernie Asaeli, who had been renting an apartment with her five children. “Then we can see where to go — don’t have a place to go right now.”

Scott Partian walked around the complex holding his defibrillator on Tuesday. He, too, has no place to go, and needs to have electricity. “I’m on disability. I get paid once a month, every 30-31 days, or longer,” said Partian. “I have put down to save an apartment, but haven’t approved yet.”

Residents also said that they had to pay this month’s full rent, even though, they said, the property has been neglected. The apartment complex’s management is no longer in charge.

Two other complexes that border Shadow Creek Apartments have also been shut down, but those residents moved out late last year. Residents said that the area is being cleared for new development.

Clarence Johnson has lived in Shadow Creek Apartments for four years. He is on a fixed income, and cannot just find a new place to call home. He said that he will live in his truck or the woods with his dog until he finds somewhere else to live. “Be homeless, that’s the only thing going through my mind,” Johnson said. “I’m a veteran. I’m 60 years old. I have never been homeless.”

Shadow Creek Apartments residents checked with the city to see if they can have more time to vacate, and the city said that no residents will be forced out. The city has also not yet received a notice to turn off the complex’s utilities.