By Robbie Owens

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FRISCO (CBS11) – Arcade games are irresistible by design, and so is that dare: especially when delivered by big sister.

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“Cause I wanted to get my sister a ball,” explains six-year-old Juliette Grimes, when asked why she climbed into one of those ‘claw’ arcade games at a local pizza parlor. “I opened the door, and I had my legs out,” continues Juliette, with so much mischievous charm that you almost forget that she shouldn’t have, “so I opened the door, then put my whole body in there… and I got balls, but I couldn’t get out.”

All this unfolded Monday night a Frisco pizza parlor with her Mom and other adults just a few steps away. They were keeping an eye on the arcade room door, while curious Juliette—at the urging of big sister Katy—decided to shimmy up the shoot where the prizes fall out. When the flap of the door closed behind her, she couldn’t get out.
“In her world, there are no challenges,” admits her Mom, Cecilia Green, “if there’s a boundary, they’re meant for other kids. Not for her.”

At this point, Green makes a face that doesn’t quite translate into print… something along the lines of: I-love-her-to-the-moon-and-that’s-where-she’s-quickly-sending-me-oh-joy-sixteen-will-be-fun-face. “Anything and everything is a challenge.”

Truly, who among us hasn’t marveled at just how fast they move! And siblings? Well, that just multiplies the mischief.

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“I haven’t told my Mom this yet,” admits big sister Katy,8, with a grin, “but, MAYBE it was a double dog dare.” Well, alrighty then!

Both girls have been grounded—losing TV and sweets—but, they’re otherwise fine. Green says the Frisco Fire Department was fabulous when they came to the rescue—and managed to free her adventurous cutie without so much as a chuckle. Out loud, anyway.

“I don’t think she’s going to do it again,” says Green. “Hopefully. At least, another few years, at least.” The doubt in her voice was obvious—but, at least the girls keep things interesting!

“I hope you learned your lesson!” giggles Katy, while pointing a finger at younger sister, Juliette. Juliette’s response? A knowing giggle that suggests such an expectation is a losing bet, at best.

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